Thursday, April 21, 2011

do miracles really happen?

When we get desperate, most of us would like to think that miracles are possible, that the incurable disease can be cured and those told they are beyond medical help can be healed.

But is there any hope that miracles are really possible?

the evidence

Almost 4 years ago, I reported on some apparent miracles in miracles happen?, then followed this up with a more detailed review of one apparent miracle in the US, following prayer by an experienced heart surgeon.

I have now found on eBay a 35 year old book by an experienced medical practitioner and researcher who investigated in detail 10 apparent healing miracles. His name is H Richard Casdorph MD, PhD, and the book is The Miracles. Dr Casdorph contacted the people who were apparently healed and obtained documentary information from their doctors, and submitted the evidence to a group of specialists for their review.

He concludes that the ten people really were healed, after prayer, from tumours, massive hemorrhage, heart disease and multiple sclerosis. I will tell some of their stories on this blog over the next few weeks.

but can we seriously believe miracles occur today?

Many people believe that miracle stories are simply not credible - our scientific knowledge has shown them to be impossible. They believe the universe is a closed system and nothing exists outside it to interfere, so they cannot believe in a supernatural cause, and miracles are not possible. But if there could be a god (which is not something science can prove or disprove), then we are able to consider the possibility of miracles.

Thus I don't think it is science which prevents our belief in miracles, but a belief that nothing exists beyond this natural world. I don't think that's a good assumption, and it's certainly not one we can prove.

So it seems wise to keep an open mind. Watch this space!

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