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Our twenty-first century western culture provides many of us with long life expectancy and a high standard of living to enjoy. Why not devote ourselves to maximising our pleasure?

But maybe just pleasing ourselves will not make us as happy as we think? Perhaps life has a higher purpose, that will be more fulfilling to us than living just for ourselves?

The pace and pressures of postmodern life and the nature of postmodern culture leave little time to stop and wonder what it all means. is God real? is an attempt to swim against this tide, in the hope that others will join in the discussion and the questions.

So I have established an igr website and this companion blog. The website has some thought-provoking stories and ideas about life, God, belief and the world. Here on the blog I will post things people are saying about God - the good, the bad and the ugly.

about me

I am Unkle E, aka Eric Hatfield and I live in Sydney, Australia. I believe in God, try to follow the way of Jesus and believe people should be free to follow their own beliefs.

I hope this website and blog help people to find the truth for themselves and so live a more fulfilled life (might as well aim big!).

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