Tuesday, January 25, 2011

who needs god?

The western world is in the process of deciding that it doesn't need God. Well, most of us that is, or at least, most of the time. But here's one atheist who thinks other people truly need God, even if he doesn't.

I came across this article (As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God) a while ago, and found it useful in preparing my post on does religion poison everything?, so thought others may appreciate it.

Matthew Parris is an atheist, a journalist and former British MP, who grew up in various locations in Africa. And he really means what he says (that Africa needs God), paradoxical as it sounds.

Parris argues that Africa needs the dedicated medical and social welfare work that christian missionaries have performed for many years, and still perform better (in his view) than government agencies, because of their commitment. But further, he believes Africans need the emotional and spiritual uplift, motivation and freedom that only (he believes) christianity can bring. It's a well-argued, moving piece and I encourage you to read it.

Of course, one may want to ask, as this reviewer did, if this is true for Africa, is it any less true for Great Britain or Australia? Parris doesn't think so, but I haven't seen why he thinks that.

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